Celebrate Non-Binary Families with ‘Mommy, Mama, and Me’: The Perfect Gift for New Parents

Femcore.com is proud to review the heartwarming board book “Mommy, Mama, and Me”. As an affiliate, we may receive compensation if you click the link and make a purchase. This helps us continue to provide free content and support the femcore movement.

This charming book is perfect for new parents and babies alike, as well as a great gift to show your love and support for same-sex families. The rhythmic text and beautiful illustrations capture the loving bond between same-sex parents and their children, as they go through their daily routines and share moments of joy and intimacy.

But “Mommy, Mama, and Me” is not the only book in this series. For nonbinary families, there is also “Daddy, Papa, and Me”. Both books celebrate the diversity of modern families and provide positive representation for children who may not have seen their own family structure reflected in children’s literature before. In fact, there is also a 3rd book often bought with the 2 mentioned called: Love Makes A Family

We encourage our readers to consider buying a few copies of these books, to have on hand as a thoughtful and meaningful gift for new nonbinary moms or dads in their lives. Let’s show our support for all families and promote diversity and inclusivity in children’s literature.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to have a few extra copies in the closet, so you never show up empty-handed to a baby shower or birthday party. Spread the love and joy of these beautiful books and be a part of creating a more inclusive and loving world for all families.

My Two Moms and Me



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